How it’s made

Maybe you are interested in the creation of this website. It might trigger idea’s for yours.


  • Goal was to create a simple website to show my pictures and photograph works.
  • I’m the only editor – No team work.
  • Should work on desktop-computers and handheld devices.
  • Limited to no HTML coding when updating the site.

The main components:

  • WordPress, using TwentyEleven theme (as basic as possible)
  • Gallery-Plugin
  • Twitter Widget Pro
  • Dutch language (if you see it)

All are installed in a basic fashion with a few changes:


A basic installation of WordPress is applied. The plugins and Dutch languages were added manually. A menu was created.

WordPress Twentyeleven-child

Child – Styles

I created a child style of the twentyeleven theme with the following changes:

  • Changed size and color of headers.In the style.css of TwentyEleven I changed the z-index of the branging. This way the image viewer is on-top of the menu.
#branding {  border-top: 2px solid #bbb;
  padding-bottom: 10px;
  position: relative;
# ORIGINAL VALUE: z-index: 9999;
  z-index: 100; }
  •  Most important settings changed: Settings > Media – set large values to max 800×500 (??)

Child – Gallery

Some changes were applied to the standard scripts. In both gallery templates the sidebar was disabled before they were deployed.

<?php #get_sidebar(); ?>

Make note that a # was added infront of the call.
Comments closed was replaced by three dots.

Twitter Widget

For the Twitter Username I used:


Enhancing Linking

In some cases the link of images are edited, in plain HTML. Not referencing the larger format, but the group in the gallery.


The source file of the images, the large one’s, are removed from the system using filezilla. When they are uploaded, than the system generates smaller sizes.

The title of this page refers to a television program on the Discovery Channel. “How it’s made” shows the production process of all kinds of objects. In some cases you see the pure craftmenship of a person and in other cases it’s lost of mechanical or chemical steps. I like to watch this creation process.

This page is in English to have a better re-use of this experience.